Bespoke financing solutions for founders, entrepreneurs and companies, delivering access to capital from public markets.

We have leading ECM capabilities to help finance and find investors for your company, when you are ready to share your Company with public markets, we are here to support your journey

We make it our business to know your business

Your Company’s activities, operations, assets, financial condition, and prospects developing the general corporate strategy to be executed as we pursue a public markets transaction. We develop the form, structure, and terms with relevant parties, providing analysis and advice as to the financial implications of the transaction for the Company, including drafting key documentation required to effect the Transaction.
The Modena team will also liaise and coordinate the engagement of lawyers and a world-class marketing and social media campaign.


Focus on fast growing and emerging sectors.

• Energy
• Metals and Mining
• Big Data Analytics
• Technology
• Healthcare
• Life Sciences
• Smart Cities
• Infrastructure
• Energy Storage
• Transportation Technologies


We have leading ECM capabilities to help finance and find investors for your company, when you are ready to share your Company with public market, we are  here to support your journet.

Barnaby Egerton Warburton
Barnaby has over 25 years of investment banking, international investment and market experience with positions at JP Morgan (New York, Sydney, Hong Kong), BNP Equities (New York) and Prudential Securities (New York). He is a founder and partner of Modena. Barnaby has a broad range of experience across start-up funding, trade sales, buyouts, M&A and IPO’s. Barnaby sits on multiple ASX listed boards.
Paul Lloyd
Paul is a founding partner of Modena Ventures and Currently Managing Director of Arizona Lithium(ASX:AZL), a US-focused lithium developer. Mr Lloyd has been responsible for numerous successful IPOs, project acquisitions and capital raisings for ASX-listed public companies. Mr Lloyd sits on multiple ASX boards.
Matt Hansen
Matt is a lawyer with over 12 years broad experience in listed and private companies. Matt specialises in deal structure in the energy, technology, resources sectors and is the Modena in house attorney.
Emmanual Correia
Emmanuel Correia has over 25 years’ public company and corporate finance experience in Australia, North America and the United Kingdom and is a founding director of Modena Ventures. Mr Correia is an experienced public company director/officer and specialises in company structure and funding for companies coming into the IPO phase. Emmanuel sits on multiple ASX boards.
Chris Swallow
Chris has more than 15 years’ experience, across both public and private sectors, including marketing and promotion campaigns for listed companies. Mr Swallow drives marketing and communication for several listed ASX companies with a deep reach into both institutional money and government organisations and departments.